Frequently Asked Questions:

What is an Ice Cream Person?
An Ice Cream Person is a hybrid creature composed of both human and ice cream parts.

How come they all look different?
The diversity of the Ice Cream People is remarkable. By studying the submitted renditions, we learn and strive to categorize the different breeds.

What are their origins?
Our research indicates that the Ice Cream People have existed on this planet since the Ice Age, so they’ve been around. Sightings have skyrocketed in recent years; this has been attributed to global warming.

How do they reproduce?
Use your imagination.

Can I submit a rendition of an Ice Cream Person?
Yes. If you see an Ice Cream Person and want to create a rendition of it, we will add it to the archive. For your convenience, there are templates available for download here.

Do you collect tangible evidence?
Yes, and it is exhibited from time to time as well. Keep an eye out for an exhibition near you! If you'd like a postcard to render your own ICP email with your website and mailing address.

Who’s behind this? is maintained and curated by Brian Butler and his 50 robot interns. His interns are immensely helpful as they all have refrigeration units (for storing evidence), and one has the ability to transform into an Ice Cream Truck.

How are you funded?
Ice Cream People is a nonprofit labor-of-love dedicated to researching and advocating our frozen friends. Robots aren’t cheap, and YOU are welcome to donate here via Paypal.

I can see this is hosted on blogger, what is the web address?
You are very observant, if you'd like to navigate the web without that pesky "" masking your page addresses, you can visit the Ice Cream People on the blogger address: